Sunday, February 8, 2015

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Mr. Porky, Almost 7 Weeks!

Hey y'all!

Would you like to see a cute little ... or should I say big guy???! Mr. Porky is now six weeks old and weighs 3.3 pounds! Quite the chunker, considering that Yalili is about three weeks older than him and weighs exactly 3 pounds! They love each other sooo much, but still wrestle just as much! Yalili is so quick and frisky and it's all Porky can do to keep up with her!

He will be going to his new home this Sunday.

Trying to pull off the serious guy look:).

It's not often that he gets this active ... must've been happy to see me!

Yalili: "Come and get me!"
Porky: "Just gimme a rest first!"

Yalili has the habit of running/hopping sideways, when she's trying to annoy him!

Loving on Tiger 

Have a great day! ~ Abigail

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Porky ... 4 Weeks ... And A New Addition!

Hey there!
We were on a trip all of last week, so I didn't get pictures of Mr. Porky as I usually do. He is doing great, and is a very happy guy! He's very calm and laid back ... for the most part:). He has started eating, and really enjoys eating while laying on his stomach!
This Sunday we picked up a new Bichon puppy named Yalili (pronounced "Ya'leelee"), who will eventually be a breeding dog! She's such a cute little thing, and gets along very well with Porky ... except when they wrestle:). Until now, Porky has been a little sad and lonely, but having a playmate around has made him SO happy!
Although she is about three weeks older than Porky, they are about the same size (she's a smaller Bichon) and her frisky temper sometimes overwhelms poor Mr. Porky! When this happens, he lumbers away to "his" secret corner and falls asleep! This worked well until yesterday, when I noticed Yalili creeping up, and curling herself up on top of him! BTW, she loves laying on top of him ... maybe because he's so big and squishy???!

What a face!

Miss Bubbles!

This is really blurred, but I thought I'd add it, as it really shows her happy personality!

Such a cute face!
This is how they spend most of their time:).

Bubbles: "Please leave me alone!" Porky: "Oh, come on!"

They didn't like the fact that they couldn't jump off!
Enjoy until next time! ~ Abigail

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New Puppy ... Two Weeks!

"Good morning everybody ... I'm Mr. Porky! I'm two weeks old, and my occupation is eating."

No, his name isn't "Porky" but that has been his nickname while we're trying to figure out what to  call him :).  He loves to eat, and is his mama's boy!  He was born November 1st, and is such a fun lil' guy to have around.

He is very calm, and his favorite places to be are snuggling with his mama, or in our arms!  Since he's the only one, he eats, eats and eats a little more!  He has been reserved, and will go to his new home as soon as he's old enough.

Due to the frigid weather, and him still being very young, I wasn't able to get many good photos of him, but I hope you enjoy this!

He finally opened his eyes earlier this week!
I love his little ears!

He loves his mommy!
Enjoy until next time! ~ Abigail

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Puppies ... 6 Weeks!

Hey there! The puppies are now six weeks old!

Folly (Annabelle) and Atly (Tessa) have done to their new homes, and Teddy and Abe (Andy) will be going to theirs next week. Maddie is currently pending. They are so much fun, and spend most of their time playing with each other!
Here's Teddy!
I know this is a little blurry, but I thought it was pretty cute!
What ferocious  eyes!
He loved his rope toy
"I can play football better n' you."

Miss Maddie ... she wasn't very excited about wearing her necklace!

She has big, soft, dramatic eyes.

She has such beautiful features.
Mr. Abe! He's got the perfect puppy face!

Puppy eyes!

He kept looking at me out of the corner of his eyes!

Unfortunately, I cut off the top of his head in both pictures, but it's still pretty cute!

Hope you have a great day! ~ Abigail